[VIDEO] How to Create Real Estate Advertising that Drives Traffic

How to Create Real Estate Advertising that Drives Traffic

Creating Ads is a major part of the Real Estate Agent’s job. With over 30 years of experience in the business, Rich Levin has clarified Ad-building into a simple 4 step process that anyone can use to make effective marketing that sells.

I’m going to share that formula with you today. I encourage you to consider putting together an Ad as you read this, to get the practice and see how simple it really is.

As you’re creating your Ad, think about the reader’s experience, going from top to bottom.

You want your text and images to reflect these four steps:


Attention – This is your headline. You want to grab the reader’s attention. The font should be larger and it will be placed towards the top of the page.

Interest – Now that you have their attention, you need to build interest. The next thing they read should be details and information that capture their interest.

Desire – Now for the emotional element. Is there only one house like this? Are the buyers pricing it to sell quickly? Are mortgage rates at an all-time low?

Action – Now that they’re really excited, it’s time for the call-to-action. The Ad should finish with a clear command (usually call or email) and an easy-to-read number.

Watch the webinar to see Rich analyze real-life examples using his AIDA formula, as well as share the ads that two top Clients created with his guidance.

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