Summer for Agents: Enjoy Pleasure and Avoid Risk

The pleasure is obvious: warmth, natural beauty, outdoors, vacation, picnics, and more. The risk is more subtle. There is a seasonal slowdown in many markets. The spring rush ends. It is a natural time to enjoy the pleasure. Whether you had a great spring market or not, treat yourself to a break.

Too many Agents let a summer lull turn into a mediocre fall and winter which leads to a poor start to the New Year.

Here’s how you prevent that:

Keep looking at and updating your charts every day. Make conscious decisions about days or weeks that you will work less, prospect less, and enjoy more personal time. The key is to make an equally conscious effort to get back to work. Awareness of your measures ensures that you do both; relax with greater ease and return with greater energy.

Work on projects or strengthen skills that occurred to you in the busy spring market.

Contact, thank and reward referral sources. Contact and check in on this and last years past Clients–starting with those that bought most recently.

Avoid working half-heartedly. Work or stop but don’t work casually.

Avoid complaining about a slower market, tough Clients, or anything else. Consciously stay positive. Avoid people who are negative. You can control this.

Consider July a beginning. This season is the new beginning of the second half of the year. Review your progress toward your goals. (If you didn’t have goals, set them now.) Consider what worked and what didn’t in the first 6 months. Consider what personal strengths and weaknesses worked for you or against you. As you consider these things choose just one or two things to commit to work on that you strongly believe will make the second half of the year even stronger than the first half.

Many Agents slow down in the summer, pick up a little in the fall, then slow down or stop for the year-end holidays. This can spell tragedy for your start to the New Year, 2015. Instead, keep up your marketing, your prospecting, and your focus. Make the second half of 2014 a springboard for a personal record-breaking 2015.

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