Taking Charge of Sales in December

How can you create sales in December? December, in general, is the slowest time for real estate agents. Most people are not looking to buy or sell their homes in the midst of the holiday season. This time of year normally is not taken advantage of by many real estate agents, when, in reality, December has a lot to offer!

Don’t be fooled by this slow time in the year. It is always possible to make sales, and more importantly, to plan for future sales. December is the last month of the year before the 2017 year starts. If a person simply lets December pass them by, they will most likely let the first part of 2017 pass them by also. This is the last month of the year to create your income for next year!

Here are some ways to make the most of December:

If you have buyers and sellers:

Determine your sales in December. Think about any income that you have scheduled for January. The good news is that the buyers and sellers that are active in December and January are often the most motivated. Factors affecting your income might be price reductions, listings you have with traffic, listings you could take, and buyers that are looking.

If you have no active buyers and sellers:

Take a little bit of time to enjoy the holidays! Right after your vacation, work on creating leads for next year. This is a great time to be in touch with your past clients and anyone that you might need to follow up with.

There are so many ways to stay in people’s minds. Go through your past clients from 2015 and 2016 and give them a call. Be in contact with them and you will surely have better chances of sales for 2017. It’s the perfect time to drop off gifts or call around listings and sales. Make a list of buyers and sellers that are planning on taking action in January. This way, you can reach out to them at the right time and move forward.

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