Real Estate Vendor Interviews

Interview with Dave Gourley President of Taxbot

Many of you have asked us and have been waiting to hear this interview.
Here are few of the services that Taxbot provide for only $10 a month:

1. Create a better everyday life for the self-employed by allowing them to focus on business growth.

2. Help automate and simplify tedious accounting processes to save time and money.

3. Empower users through education to identify and take advantage of unused tax strategies.

You will want to tune in and view this.


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Webinar Inteview with Tyler Steenken of Cole Information

Interview with the company that provides the most and best list of contact information for homeowners across the USA. This includes e-mail addresses and cell numbers. Many of companies Agents are currently using to get Expired contact refer the Agents to Cole Realty Resources for their Neighborhood Contact Info. You want to have this resource in your business.

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