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8 Tips for writing posts and ads:
1. Use Verbs - (take, click, download) "Get competitive prices on..."
"Test the market" "visit us today" "schedule a showing this week" - Tell them what to do. They want to be led.
2. Keep it simple - Use 1 or 2 word syllables - Home, land, housing, market, etc.
3. Use questions to call out your market - People feel compelled to answer questions or give their opinion. Use this as a hook. Try to make the questions something they have to actually choose.

4. Be Specific - Don't leave things open to interpretation. Tell them, don't let them think. Use numbers, names and examples.
5. Use "Call to Action" - Make them do something. Ask for the sale. Ask them to visit your site, use your service, etc.
6. Use proven formulas - Problem/Agitate/Solutions - "You need to sell your house, but don't know where to start? Call Frank Sinatra at 555 555 5555 and let me simplify...." PAS
AIDA - Attention/Interest/Desire/Action "Enjoy a hassle free transaction and the BEST customers service." Click/call today!
7. Be Relevant!! - Use events, quotes, market analysis, memes, etc to engage!
8. Always post these 5 things - Local market updates, Neighborhood updates, listings and open houses, Buyer questions w/answers, seller questions w/answers.

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