Organize Your Day the Easy Way!

Many people struggle with an endless list of tasks that have to be finished at the end of the day. How is it possible to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time? The answer is to organize!

The best way to organize your day every day is to think. Take ten minutes of dedicated time to think about your business, priorities, issues that might come up, and anything else that can happen.

We are almost programmed not to think on a daily basis. A child goes to school and their whole day is planned out for them. The same is true of a work day at many companies. We aren’t trained to take time to think and organize.

You can solve all of your time management and organization challenges by systematizing your planning. Systematize your thinking at the beginning of the day. If you are consistently wake up each morning and organize your day, it will become easier for you to make your schedule. A schedule opens up an enormous amount of time by seeing exactly how long it will take you to accomplish your goals and what you should do next.

Plan a schedule every day. Most people would start a to do list for the day. Think of five areas that you want to work on and what needs to be done. For example, if you are working on prospecting, plan out who you’re going to call, how many people you’re going to call, how you’re going to keep track of these people etc. Schedule your to do list around when you are most productive during the day to maximize your efficiency.

Decide what attitude you are going to have each day. Consciously set your attitude for the day to be positive and uplifting. Don’t let your attitude be determined by your day!

Our Daily Organizational Checklist (DOC) is a pre-written worksheet that serves as a reminder of common real estate tasks to be performed each day. Decide from the checklist what you are going to do and follow through. You might have tasks such as updating your goals or deciding on projects. Use this as a guide for planning your day.

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