How to Prepare for the Busiest Real Estate Season of the Year

How to Prepare for the Busiest Season of the Year #EverythingListings #REGradSchool #RealEstate #1stFifteenIf you’ve been following along on our 1st Fifteens this month, you know that February is “Everything Listings.” We’ve been talking about prospecting, Listing presentations, price reduction conversations, and much more. If you feel like there’s an area that you still need work on, I want you to stop right now, grab your calendar, and schedule an appointment with yourself to work on it.

Not sure what to do to work on it? You can always check out our Resource Library for Skills webinars and workbooks (non-clients can take advantage of our YouTube channel and blog for tons of great content). Once you’ve done some learning, make sure to schedule yourself a follow-up appointment for implementation time.

As students come back from their winter breaks, residential Real Estate enters one of the busiest seasons of the year. This is the time to really look back on how the last season went for you, what’s working, what’s not, and make a clear commitment to how you’re going to act going forward.

Choose one action to do (or increase doing) for the next two weeks that will launch your Spring market. Something that you can have up and running and bringing in new clients before the season hits.

If you want coaching on this, Rich walks you through this process in this week’s webinar (below)

Have a terrific week!