How to Party Profitably

There are numerous Holiday Parties this time of year. Holiday Parties may include Company Parties, Neighborhood Parties, and Friend’s Parties. “Private” Parties, or parties that are not parties for Realtors, are the best to attend to be profitable.


If you are uncomfortable in a party setting, or don’t know many people and feel uncomfortable, that’s ok! Stand back and look for others who are alone and are looking for others to speak to. These people will be easier for you to approach and they will appreciate that you want to take the time to speak with them.


When people know you, either through Social Media, mailings, or word of mouth, anticipate that people will ask you, “How’s the Real Estate Market going?”. Have answers to this questions well prepared! Don’t waste the moment with a random answer! Make a positive statement about the Real Estate Market with facts and statistics. Present yourself as a Subject Matter Expert on your Real Estate Market and be that “go-to” Real Estate Professional.


Have an answer prepared that is Simple and Honest. For example, state the increase in home sales in the area as compared to last year, or have prepared the price increase numbers for sellers. Speak to the person in Plain Language as well. For example, use the term “houses for sale” instead of “listings”.


You can casually ask the person if they are interested in doing something with Real Estate. Most of the time if people ask you how your Real Estate Business is doing, they are thinking about buying or selling their home, they are actively doing Real Estate, or they just finished a transaction. If the person just finished a transaction and they are asking your opinion, they probably don’t feel comfortable with how their transaction went.


Be sure to present yourself Professionally. You are representing yourself and your business every time you speak to someone about Real Estate. Make connections now for the Spring and Summer, and make a reputation for yourself as the “Go-To” Agent in the area.


Happy Holidays!