#EverythingBuyers Are You In?

March is #everythingbuyers (5)If you follow us through Facebook or our newsletter, you may have noticed the launch of our #EverythingBuyers challenge!

We’ll be posting challenges to our Facebook page with the hashtag #EverythingBuyers–so head over there if you want to get your challenge.

You can also see them, along with Rich’s daily coaching, on the 1st Fifteen morning webinars (register here for the free weekly webinar if you aren’t signed up already!).

By the end of the month, you’ll be selling faster with fewer showings, getting loyal and committed buyers–buyers who are willing to sign exclusive contracts with you, more referrals, easier negotiations, and an overall relationship of cooperation and trust with your buyers.

Sound good?

If you’d like to get the 2nd day’s challenge FREEBIE — Rich’s Buyer Lead Conversion Script — you can grab it here

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