Checklists for Success

If a thing’s worth doing it is worth doing repeatedly.

The question is, how to do that. Building habits is one of the hardest things we will ever do on earth. Breaking them can be even harder.

But once we’re in business for ourselves, getting the daily things done that increase productivity and help us sell houses are incredibly important. That’s why I’m a believer in the power of the checklist.

If a thing’s worth doing repeatedly, it’s worth checklisting. That way you won’t just do it, you’ll even improve on it.

Someone gave me an acronym for that:

It’s called CNEI…


Your Systems For Success

In this game, there are many systems to success. You’ve got systems for prospecting and lead follow up, processing, servicing, closing, marketing, paperwork, goals, progress and even helping your attitude.

We’re going to have you learn and work on all of them over time. But today we’re going to focus on listings – their preparation, processing and servicing.

For this and other concepts, I recommend that you get our Daily Organizational Checklist. It’s available to all of our coaching clients in the Resource Library.

Here are Some Tips to Increase Your Listings:

First, work on your leads.

Make a habit of making a minimum number of contacts a day. Get ahold of one person a day. That’s a great start because you’re building the habit.

Start the day by building one contact. Then two per day. It’s a habit you’re thinking of each weekday. Who is next? Who is there to call? Then you start doing three per day. And then you’ll begin to generate leads. 10 or more per day will generate marvelously successful business.

And if you’re hitting that number and it’s not? Call us. Become a coaching client and we’ll help you get to the bottom of the issue.

How Do You Define a Contact?

It’s certainly more than a name in your phone book.

A contact is an interaction…
…a one way communication is not a contact.

Every time you pick up the phone, you have options from your life that can increase your contacts. Consider tapping the following sources:

Lead follow up
Past Clients
Internet Leads

And don’t forget your old fashioned options:

Knocking on Doors
Open Houses


Set a standard for yourself. If you don’t have a flow of business, get on our live calls and we’ll talk about it.

Create your own 100 percent lead follow-up system. That means you’re going to follow-up on 100 percent of the leads you want to keep track of.

Record the name, phone number and notes about the lead in one easy to find place. Not sure where? Use Google contacts. You can access that for free; there are better systems but use that to start.
Remind yourself in that one place on the date and time you want to call back
The Rule: If you ever want to speak to your contact again…you record them.
Daily System. Immediately after your 10 minutes of planning you call these people first. Because this is the best time for you to do it, ensuring you’ll get it done.

Your Listing Process

If someone says, “Sally I want to talk to you about putting our house on the market…” you’ll need a pre-listing checklist.

Pre Listing Checklist:

Send or Deliver the Pre-Listing Package.
Prepare CMA, RPA or right price analysis. Rehearse it.
Prepare LIsting Contract, Docs and Net sheet.
Review Marketing Plan for this Property – think about this seller, location, market and
think about how you’re going to present the marketing plan powerfully.
Complete Questions over the phone – call the seller and ask your questions.
Confirm Appointment – Right before it happens or the day of.
Take a Thank You Gift. You’re saying, “Thanks for letting me over.” It leaves an

Consider These Checklists

(You won’t use all of them because they overlap information.)

1. 1st 24 Hours Checklist – give it to the seller to impress him or her with all that you’ve done. One of my clients also uses this with his team once the house is ready for marketing.

2. Process Listing Checklist

3. New Listing Checklist

4. Week Marketing Schedule

5. Seller Contact Whiteboard – have a list of all listings prompting you so that every seller is spoken to every week.

Here is this week’s Recipe for Success:

Create or improve one of your listing checklists.

Hug the Ones You Love
Have a Great Day
Make a Sale.