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The Best Method to Increase Listings

Many Real Estate Agents struggle to increase listings. They are constantly looking for leads and see few results from the leads that they do have. So how do you increase your listings? Do something that works for you! Find a method of getting listings that is easiest...

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Top 9 Tips on Pricing Homes to Sell

Check out our top 9 Tips and Truths on Pricing Homes to sell: 1. Take the time to make an accurate price that you are confident with. The best way to set an accurate price for a house is to make yourself an expert in the area. Study the neighborhood and take note of...

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2 Activities For Real Estate Success

Welcome to the start of a new year! This is must read for any Agent who wants Real Estate success in 2017! What you will do in the next 30 days will determine what your business will look like for the entire first half of the year. Here are the two steps that every...

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Taking Charge of Sales in December

How can you create sales in December? December, in general, is the slowest time for real estate agents. Most people are not looking to buy or sell their homes in the midst of the holiday season. This time of year normally is not taken advantage of by many real estate...

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