The Best Method to Increase Listings

Many Real Estate Agents struggle to increase listings. They are constantly looking for leads and see few results from the leads that they do have.

So how do you increase your listings?Increase Number of Listings

Do something that works for you!

Find a method of getting listings that is easiest for you and that works. If Buying Leads is easy for you, but the leads are low quality, you may need to try another method. If Marketing and Networking are less comfortable for you, but they give you great results, keep with it!

A simple way to see how successful your listing sources are is to track them. Look through your past listings and see where they came from. Often times, one method is a main source for your leads. Where your leads come from will show you the strongest method for you.

Generally, most listings come from your Sphere of Influence. Your Sphere of Influence is comprised of the people you know and who refer you. People often turn to people they know or someone who has a relationship with someone they know. Prospecting is another effective method to getting more listings, as well as Marketing and Networking, Property Need Letters, and Open Houses. Other areas your listings may come from include Farming, Expired, and For Sale By Owners. Online sources generally don’t produce a steady stream of listings.

The most essential action to increase the number of listings you have is to stay in contact with people. There’s a good chance there are currently people in your Sphere of Influence that are likely to list and they are not thinking to call you because they haven’t heard from you. Cause these people to think about you. These people will choose another Realtor who is present and in contact if you aren’t in touch. Start to text, call, email, join organizations, and network with others.

Persistence is hard, but it pays…

Begin a new method of staying in contact with people today!

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