April is Marketing, and the Most Effective Mailing

Is your Real Estate marketing plan a house built of straw?

There’s an easy way to tell–can you take a vacation? An Agent that has a solid marketing plan is able to get away from the office without his entire inflow of new clients coming to a halt. If your only technique for marketing your business is cold calls or one-on-one prospecting, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for business.

Running ongoing marketing campaigns, such as postcard mailings (which we’re discussing today) will create a known brand, enhance your sphere of influence, and bring you a solid stream of leads.

March is Marketing, and the Most Effective Mailings #1stFifteen #REGradSchoolRegardless of the campaign you are running, make sure to follow these 7 steps (explained further in the webinar):

  1. Create a mailing list
  2. Choose or draw a template
  3. Choose the houses and verbiage
  4. Choose a graphic designer
  5. Proof until you are satisfied
  6. Choose a printer/mailer
  7. Send it

How do you determine who is on your mailing list? Here’s a fun exercise–image you won the lottery. Millions–no, tens of millions of dollars! Now, you’re going to throw a huge party to celebrate. Who would you want to invite? Your cousins, second-cousins, kids’ teachers, optometrist, everyone. All the people who you know and who know you–you want their business and the business that they’ll refer to you. Notice, these aren’t strangers. You know them, and they know you. But it’s still a HUGE list.

Check out the full webinar (below) for more tips on completing your postcard mailing campaign.

Real Estate Grad school specializes in bringing the tools and techniques from the business world and helping Agents apply those to their Real Estate business. Millions of dollars has been spent on researching the most effective ways to market a business–and that research applies to Real Estate just like any other business.

For the month of April, Rich will be focusing on the area of Marketing in Real Estate. Make sure to join the 1st Fifteen webinars (on our site or on YouTube), check out our blog, or follow us on Facebook to get more information. Coaching clients get access to every morning’s webinar, along with Group Q&A calls to troubleshoot as you apply these tools to your business.

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